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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Town Planning Office opened at Villupuram

VILLUPURAM: Higher Education Minister K. Ponmudy inaugurated the Town Planning Office on the premises of TAHDCO here on Monday.

The Minister said that earlier the Regional Town Planning Office functioning from Chengalpet was having jurisdiction over Kancheepuram, Villupuram and Cuddalore districts.

The new entity carved out of the Chenglpet office and located at Villupuram would have jurisdiction over Villupuram and Cuddalore districts. Real estate promoters, builders of multi-storeyed buildings and commercial complexes would have to get permission from the office for construction of structures on 4,000 to 12,000 sq.m.

For construction on lesser space, permission ought to be obtained from the local bodies and for structures built over 12,000 sq.m., permission should be obtained from the Directorate of Town Planning.

Mr. Ponmudy said that all applications received by the Villupuram office would be processed within 30 days.

Besides approving the plans, the office would also contribute to development works. Under the Heritage Town Project, it would give a grant of up to Rs. 50 lakh for construction of lodges, parking lots and public lavatories.

Mr. Ponmudy said that such a fund would be utilised in the development of tourist places at Ginjee, Marakkanam, Parikkal, Thirukkoilur in Villupuram district, and, at Chidambaram, Marudur and Kurinjipadi, Pichavaram, Sri Mushnam and Thiruvahindrapuram in Cuddalore district.

Under the Transport Management Project, the Town Planning office would also provide a grant of up to 75 per cent, subject to the maxium of Rs. 25 lakh. The funds would be availed for improving road network at Villupuram, Tindivanam, Cuddalore, Panruti, Chidambaram and Vriddhachalam, Mr Ponmudy said.

The Minister pointed out that though the Town Planning office would extend financial assistance to the tune of 50 per cent under the Park Development Project, not many local bodies could spare the funds required.

Hence, this year it was proposed to completely fund the park project from the resources of the Town Planning office, Mr. Ponmudy said.

Collector R. Palanisamy, Assistant Director of Town Planning Office D. Mani, Project Officer (Mahalir Thittam) Seenipair, and Public Relations Officer M. Palanisamy were present.


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